Social distancing is not practical during Bench Time, therefore

No bench time or practice hours until further notice.


Bench Time- Studio Practice Hours:

If you have taken a few classes but are not yet able to work fully independently we now offer studio practice hours twice a month. This is time for students to work through their new skills and practice what you learned in class. A monitor will be available to help you with questions (but not to teach). Students are expected to be respectful of the tools and equipment, and to only use tools that they have received safety training on during previous classes. Reservations recommended.

Times: First and third Wednesdays 2:30 - 5:30 ***subject to change without notice***

Rates:  $45 for the 3 hour time slot.

Materials: Materials are not included in indepedent access or Bench Time fees. Some materials are available for sale, or students are welcome to bring their own.

Private Lessons:  Starting at $95 per hour, rates vary depending on the lesson and/or project. Popular topics include: Wedding Ring Tutorial, Beginning Jewelry, Forged Jewelry Forms and Stone Setting. Please call 253-227-1694 or e-mail to discuss the details.


Certain processes are not allowed during studio practice hours and may only be done in class or as a private lesson with instructor supervision.  These include, but are not limited to, chemical etching, chemical patinas (except paint on oxidizer) electroforming and lost-wax casting.  Enameling kilns are available with advance notice, and no lead-bearing enamels are allowed.